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Cosmo is advising women to guess what their date is thinking. If it's any longer you might as well start making shit up because I've stopped listening by this point. If you tell me a boring story I'll be thinking of a ways to leave you in the middle of the desert. They say it's imperative that women keep their cool because, "Back in prehistoric times, she would need to have the wherewithal to grab the kids and run from a predator." "There's a sabertooth tiger there, what should we do? You know what I want a girl to do when she loses her cellphone? I certainly don't want her running down the street, grabbing children, screaming that a mountain lion is chasing her. The only way to get rid of a crazy girl is to fake death. The title of this article is "Weird Things Guys Look For in a Date". It's part of our prehistoric instinct to protect our manhood and reserve Sundays for football and long shits not baby showers and brunches. "If you can pick up on how someone feels without their telling you, it's a sign that you'll probably also be able to recognize a baby's need..." Wait.

No matter what you background, size, religion or demeanor, you can find someone you will be attracted to and get along with, if you just take a look and see whats out there.Are you living in the UK and want to start a relationship with someone special?Are you tired of the bar scene, the clubs and the pubs? Just because I have half of my dinner on my lap and I shit my pants frequently, that doesn't make me a baby. You Tell Him Funny, Interesting Stories About Your Day: I don't want to hear a funny, interesting story. And I never, ever, ever, want to hear about your day. If your story is longer than 30 seconds it's too long. Warning: This Word (Baby) Sets Off Alarm Bells: Groundbreaking stuff here. Human progress will not be stifled if you forget to tell me about, "This guy I saw on the train" or "The cutest thing my cat did".

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