Why am i not dating material

Someone who is just "dating" material may be able to take you to a nice dinner, and buy you things, but someone who is "travel the world with" material will support your ideas, and ambitions.They'll help you in any way possible and always encourage you, because what you're doing is just as important to them as what they're doing too.

I want someone to show they can not only handle getting lost on a remote island in Central America with no cell phone service, but simultaneously keep an optimistic attitude and concern about my safety all at the same time.

You're Either Someone's or One To me, dating seems like you're kind of just claiming another person.

"I'm dating so and so, he's a blah blah blah, and lives in hmm hmm hmm" sounds exactly like me saying "My dog's name is Oscar de la Ramos, he's an unofficial service dog, and loves eating carrots." That's because my dog doesn't do the same things I do, so I describe him in relation to myself, just like how you'd describe someone you're dating.

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After having so many unsatisfying first dates I began to recognize certain patterns and behaviours in the women I was choosing… I called them “turn ons.” But how often do Red Flags turn into Girlfriend Material? I realize that a woman’s beauty can blind us to her secret motives and her otherwise more obvious damage.

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