Who is brody dating

After Brody found the jar, he sow that his dad placed a lot of money in that jar. At first it was scary but then I meet Mick on the ship. Brody started to count the money and he found out that his father saved over 5,000 dollars. Dustin said well taking their menus and walking away. He was a funny guy and he made the spaceship seen not so scary. "Okay see you tomorrow too Sarah." Brody said well starting up his truck. "You take that person to a restaurant or to the movies or a walk on the beach or a walk in the park or any other place." The data com answered him. People just talk about their day or what's happening in their lives." The data com answered his questions. After that Brody remember where his dad keep some extra cash in case of emergency. Dustin said well placing the plates of food on the table. Sarah said to random couple she sow sitting by the fountain well she took her cell phone out of her pocket and placing it on the camera. The girl said well taking Sarah's phone out of her hand. There was a store that Brody wanted to go to as well. Brody asked Well let's me at that ice cream store we pasted by. He was looking for something that he could buy for Sarah. Brody had his window down and Sarah kissed him on the cheek and started to walk to her house and waved her hand goodbye to Brody. Brody found the place where his dad kept some extra cash. Brody said Just then the waiter bought what they ordered to the table. Brody found a necklace that was pretty and a bracelet that also looked pretty. Through out the day Sarah's mind was wondering about where Brody was going to take her or if they were just going to hang out at Brody's house.

Sarah didn't find a dress that she liked but she find a skirt that she liked, it had pink and red strips going across from top to down and it was a short skirt. Once home Sarah went throw her closet to find a shirt she had that would go perfectly with the skirt her mother bought her. Brody said well closing the door and going to the driver side of his truck. Would you like something to drink well you look at your menus?

With that he had some money leftover and bought himself some pizza. Sarah asked Maybe the same but I think the Ninja star chicken nuggets looks great as well.

The next day Brody was excited for his very first date and to make it special it was his first date with a girl he had a crush on from the moment he first meet her.

Sarah woke up the next day excited for her first date with the guy she had crush on from the moment she rescued him from the monster that was attacking him. Dustin said well walking away with a smile on his face.

Sarah asked her mom if she could take her to the mall to find a dress for her date with Brody. Sarah and Brody were looking at the menus to see what's good.

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