Tela tequila dating screen updating ms access

It's a music-oriented "place for friends," as the official slogan goes, but its bandwidth is clogged with the hormones you would find at a more traditional dating site.Music, in this view, serves the same function on My Space as it does in bars, rock clubs, and dance floors: It helps people get laid.

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"If guys wanna come in there and just look at these girls' pictures, it tends to drive them up to the top of the charts." This reflects a tension in what kind of cultural presence, precisely, My Space is.Kissing, hugging, massaging, stripping, and pole dancing (occasional related nudity -- usually of women's breasts -- is blurred out). Discussions of virginity, threesomes, and other sexual practices, but actual acts -- other than making out -- aren't shown.Expressions like "silver stroke" and "douche bag" are sometimes heard.Hajdu's beef, it turns out, isn't that My Space isn't properly democratic. This last point is merited, but it's a wobbly peg on which to hang a dismissal of My Space.There are, of course, valuable discoveries on the site.

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