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Tying out of class revision with classroom activities One thing that has really grown on me in the past couple of years is using Quizlet for vocabulary learning and revision.

Quizlet is a free web service that allows you to create sets of flash cards and then share them with the learners by link.

One of the things we do for professional development in the school where I work are so-called ‘experimentation cycles’, where the team chooses a topic, we pool resources (books, resource packs and blog posts with all sorts of activities on the topic), after which everyone who is interested in the topic picks a few activities and tries them out in class.

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However, if this second team gets the definition correct, it gains the amount the first team bet (e.g.

The students need to complete their crosswords by listening to their partner’s explanations. Once you’ve registered, the process of creating a crossword is very simple: choose Banana In this guessing game (tried out by Evgenia Antonova and Irina Dubovitskaya) the learners pick a slip with a word and say an example sentence, substituting ‘banana’ for the target word.

Here are some examples: Walk and swap This is a variation of the Banana activity which requires only one set of cards for the group and allows the learners to stretch their legs.

The learners can play a number of games with the flash cards (moreover, if they install the mobile app, they’ll be able to access them even when they’re offline).

The beauty of it is that the site also allows you to print out two-sided cards based on the sets that the learners worked with for homework.

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