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Unlike in India, Sikhs form the main religious group among South Asian immigrants in Canada.In India, Sikhs comprise 2.72% of the population, while Hindus make up the largest religious group at close to 79.8%.Sikhs found employment in laying the tracks of the Canadian Pacific Railway, in lumber mills and mines.Though they earned less than white workers, they made enough money to send some of it to India and make it possible for their relatives to immigrate to Canada.A Sikh delegate was sent to what is now Belize and stayed in the British colony for some time before returning.Upon his return, he advised not only Sikhs, but also the members of other Indian religious groups, to decline the offer, maintaining that conditions in Latin America were unsuitable for Punjabis, although they might be more amenable to South Indians.

These laws were specifically directed at Punjabis and resulted in their population, which had exceeded 5,000 people in 1911, dropping to little more than 2,500.In 1908, 1,710 Sikhs left British Columbia for California.The first plans to build a temple were made in 1908.Canadian Sikhs are often credited for paving the path to Canada for all South Asian immigrants as well as for inadvertently creating the presence of Sikhism in the United States.Sikhism is a world religion with over 27 million followers worldwide, with majority of their population in Punjab, India.

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