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Those first few weeks with a new baby can be a real shock to the system.It can feel like you're suddenly trying to juggle 100 things at once, while being the most exhausted you’ve ever been." Bee "Most family and friends are delighted to help, but don’t know what they can do to be of benefit.My mum admitted that she was dying to help but didn't want to offend me by launching into the housework!

It certainly wasn't easy as my 6 year old boy also required attention assistance with home work and alone time with me.Can feel so excluded living in the middle of nowhere and friends lives being busy that they can't visit or me them.And with hubby going back to work shortly i worry that my facade of coping will disappear as with no one in the house but me and wee one i dont have to pretend anymore :( My first 1 weeks at home was okay as my husband was taking care of our baby girl and I.This really helped me to feel human again." Sarah "I couldn't wait for my mum's visits.She was brilliant and always offered to sit and bond with her grandson while I had a nap.

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