Sex dating in johnson vermont

Today, she's part of a constellation of intermingled love interests.

Several Vermonters interviewed for this story belong to a local polyamory email discussion list that claims 100 to 150 members.

A 61-year-old book editor and relationship coach who self-identifies as a trans female, Lola first began exploring polyamory as her 25-year marriage ended.

Like many formerly monogamous people, Lola initially assumed that polyamory was just about having multiple sex partners — that is, until she met her first poly partner.

"I think we all have a lot of love to give and share, and it seems somehow unreasonable to say I'm only going to share that love with one person." In addition to Lola, with whom Betsy has been "keeping company" for seven years, she has two boyfriends: one in Connecticut, who's married, and another in New Jersey.

In fact, the Jersey boyfriend is someone Betsy dated before she was married.

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