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One company, Unlockthe Past, specializes in genealogy trips, and also plans one for 2014.

Poland Local experts in Poland can help plan a family-research trip, booking hotels, arranging transportation and perhaps finding a living relative.

It's also one of the best places for Native American family information.

866-272-6272; Island New York Many families trace their history to Ellis Island, the first stop in the country for more than 20 million Americans, Utley says.

The plot moves at a snail’s pace, and I blame that on the under use of the brilliant cast. The production design was so well done, that I found myself entertained by the scenery when the plot stalled. I would wait for Murder to be available on some at-home video format before endeavoring to watch it. Murder is pretty to watch, but not pretty enough to justify the two-hour run time.

Visitors can book an appointment with and hire an on-site genealogist to help with research. "If you have roots that have been in America for a long time, you're going to have come through New England," Utley says.Other than Branagh, the only other stand-out in the cast was Tom Bateman (as Bouc). But I like to feel engaged in the story; I like to feel like I could solve the mystery myself if I were paying close enough attention. There is no smoking gun to be discovered by the audience. I appreciated the earnest mischievousness with which Bateman played his role. I also minded that I didn’t feel engaged in the cat and mouse of the plot. All of the clues are something that occur only in Poirot’s recollection or in some back story that the audience isn’t privy to, until Poirot is solving the mystery. "These people already know where to find records in each town and can get you in and facilitate and help you find places easier," Utley says.Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research Houston If your roots lie in the West, this Houston public library research center should be on your itinerary, Utley says.

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