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Vindoo Dara Singh: Winner of Bigg Boss season 3, Vindoo, was openly accused of having applied the Roopali Ganguli technique; cry to gain sympathy.The actor, who was seen shedding tears on every presented opportunity, claimed that the reason he was so emotional all through the show was that he had no trustworthy friend in the house. With all the pushing and fighting and abusing what did you expect?After Ramayan, he participated in the reality show Pati Patni Aur Woh with his then fiancée, Debina Bonnerjee who also played Sita in Ramayan.After this show, he played the role of a business magnate Maan Singh Khurana in Geet – Hui Sabse Parayi which was an instant hit with audience.While the makers are still deciding on who all will be under Bigg Boss’ house arrest, we at Bollywood Life, decided to take a look at contestants who turned cry babies while serving their sentence, in the previous seasons.So here’s us glimpsing at the cry babies of the by gone seasons of the highly controversial show: Roopali Ganguli: The TV actor, who was seen in the first season of the show, single handedly managed to raise the emotional quotient of the house.

The reason behind all her water works was usually Dolly Bindra and their personal conflict.From missing his family to having heath issues, he suffered everything in the shortest possible span.So Bollywood Lifers who according to you should be crowned as the cranky baby?Creator: Lewis Cotlow, explorer (1898-1987) Creator: Douglas Sinclair NA-79.2.1: HOPI HORIZONS 1947; 750 ft (22 min) sound color; film/video Edited film details ranching, schooling, and water rights of the Hopi people.Included are interviews with leaders of the Hopi Nation illustrating problematic negotiations with the United States government.

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