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On the surface, this is another "save the underage prostitute" story, but as with Robert De Niro in , wants to get us inside the head of her antihero, even that person's head is about to implode.

As such, character traits and even plot details only come to us in flashes, making this 85-minute movie more of a tormented, impressionistic painting than any sort of epic crime tale.

Disturbing and unsettling, this is not exactly light entertainment, but for terse (and not very verbose) plunges into violent, design-heavy films, I'll take this over is another nightmare-within-a-nightmare, as a squeaky clean, wealthy Cincinnati family is faced with absurdity and horror.(Composer Carter Burwell could be called her main scene partner.) In the more recent, colorful past, young Ben, who lost his hearing while making a phone call in an electrical storm, leaves his home in Minnesota home to search of his father in New York.The trail brings him to the American Museum of Natural History, a place that Rose also explored.In the past is Rose, whose mother is a silent film star (aha!) and whose life is presented to us in the form of a silent movie.

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