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The task of creating the intelligent sensor is complicated by the fact that a sensor can only be considered intelligent if it has certain algorithms for automated self-validation and current error checking.If the South Ural scientists manage to implement this functionality in a device, a very important problem (and a real economic problem) –increasing the calibration interval — will become possible to solve.Its range includes transducer physics, through advanced signal processing and decision theory, towards modern implementation via microelectronics.As an academic, I welcome seeing novel ideas being translated into real applications, and look forward to cementing the relationship between the IUTC and Invensys." During the Open Day, IUTC scientists and researchers will demonstrate SEVA(TM) technologies in process measurement and control applications, such as mass flow, dissolved oxygen, thermocouple, pressure, and internet-enabled web valves.Business Editors/High Tech Writers LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 23, 2000 Invensys plc today announced that its new partnership with Oxford University, the Invensys University Technology Center (IUTC), has achieved major breakthroughs in electronic sensor validation technology.The co-operative program between the Invensys Intelligent Automation division and Oxford University's Department of Engineering Science is focused on developing products for process measurement and control applications, particularly the emerging field of sensor self validation.The Group was formed on February 4, 1999 through the merger of BTR plc and Siebe plc.

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Known as SEVA(TM), this recently patented technology harnesses the power of networking and software to generate significant customer benefits, such as reduced plant downtime, improved product quality plus lower maintenance and operating costs.He proposes a new, improved construction which would avoid such defects.The research will let the sensor perform error-free if there is the vibration of a pipe, and also provide a long service life and make the flowmeter simple to use.Besides, this device will measure mass flow very accurately.The idea of improving devices goes along with the idea of self-validating, and so this is the same task just formulated differently.

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