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Excellently though, the headphone-donning person did get to sit in a gazebo which must have been nice for them.In 1999, the show was reinvented as an ironic kitschfest, including - gasp! This was one of ITV's flagship shows to replace the now defunct News at Ten and to put it mildly it flopped.If the jackpot wasn't won, we think you just got a tenner for each correct answer.And a marvellous carriage clock, with all our love.It was some years before the rest of the country got to see it on any sort of regular basis - or at all, apart from the one episode which turned up on Rediffusion London as a bank holiday special on Good Friday 1965.It made sporadic appearances elsewhere in the late sixties before storming the network on 16 October 1972, although it rarely got properly networked at the same time.Everyone remembers that twinkly Tony Hatch-composed theme tune.

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The typical contestants on Mr & Mrs, popular memory has it, were not exactly in the full flush of youth.Alan Taylor (TWW & HTV) Derek Batey (Border) Norman Vaughan (Anglia) Nino Firetto (1995-6) Julian Clary (1999) Richard Arnold (2005 non-broadcast pilot) Vernon Kay (2007 special) Phillip Schofield (2008-) (and Fern Britton from 2008-10) Alan Taylor's assistant: Lynda Thomas Derek Batey's assistants: Amy Hodgson Isabel Begg Marion Macdonald Helen Mc Arthur Susan Cuff (Miss Great Britain 1975) Donna Meyers (1983-88) Katrina Buchanan (1995-6) Stacey Young (1999) Organist (HTV version): Dudley Savage Announcer (Border version): Pat Doody Announcer: Peter Dickson TWW (regional), 1964-68 HTV (regional), 1968-71 Border (regional), 1967-71 Anglia (regional), May to September 1969 HTV for ITV, 1972-6 Border for ITV, 1972-88 as The New Mr and Mrs Show HTV for UK Living, 8 January 1995 to 1996 (2 series; some episodes shown on HTV) Action Time in assiciation with Carlton for ITV, 19 March to 2 July 1999 (6 episodes in 1 series) ITV Productions and Talkback Thames for ITV1, (Gameshow Marathon one-off) as All Star Mr and Mrs Celador for ITV1, 12 April 2008 to present It's your husband and wife quiz game, Mr & Mrs!Two couples "from all over the British Isles" are each separately asked three multiple-choice questions selected from pink envelopes fanned out tantalisingly by the host, regarding their knowledge of their partner's everyday habits.It's a one-joke concept anyway - Julian Clary presents Mr and Mrs! - and he was lumbered with a useless sidekick in Stacey 'Paul's wife' Young.Mr & Mrs got shifted all over the scheduling shop, beginning as a regional production in 1964, when it appeared on TWW.

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