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How much you'll save will very much depend on what vouchers you use, but one savvy shopper slashed a purchase by £1,143 by using discount codes on Black Friday last year. Simply sign up, then search for the shop you want to spend your money at and Quidco will tell you if you can earn money to shop there.If you can, click through to the shop from the Quidco site and shop as normal.Assuming you have a car with a 60-litre capacity fuel tank and you refill it twice a month you could save almost £300 a year by seeking out the cheapest fuel rather than filling up at the most expensive petrol stations. This website searches the internet to see if your train fare would be cheaper if you split your tickets.That’s where rather than buying one ticket from, say, Bristol to London Paddington, you buy a ticket from Bristol to Didcot and then another ticket from Didcot to London.Top Cashback is another good cashback website that often pays back marginally more cash than Quidco, so it is worth signing up to both. You can also see the price of the item over the past 18 months on a chart, so you can see how much the price has fluctuated and whether it is worth waiting for a price drop.For example, the Flymo Robotic Lawnmower has varied in price on Amazon from £998 to £499 in just the past six months. This retail price comparison website can help find you the cheapest products. The site states that the average user saves 15% on their purchases.

The average Quidco user earns £305 cashback a year. Tap the item’s Amazon address into this website and it will track the price for you, alerting you when it drops.

If the person you are calling also has Skype, then your call won’t cost either of you a penny.

You can speak as long as you like, whenever you like, wherever you like.

There are several good comparison websites such as Money Super, and u, and to make absolutely sure you are getting the best deal you should check a couple.

But, thanks to the fact you get two for one on cinema tickets for a year if you purchase through Comparethemarket, it may come out on top. Voip (voice over internet protocol) allows you to make free phone calls via your computer all over the world.

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