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"Chris was extraordinary," his mother recalled to an Asbury Park Press reporter."He was endowed with a great many extraordinary talents.Besides the campaigning around his perfume, Banderas is in Johannesburg to visit Nkosi’s Haven, the organization named after the late Nkosi Johnson, which helps to care for children and mothers affected by HIV.We came here, selected a charity we thought was beautiful. The facility with 120 Kids with Aids and their mothers, provides them with education, and we thought we would provide them with all the funds they need to fulfill the objective.

He was an athlete and scholar with a passion for acting, which began very, very early." Reeve traced his love of acting back to the early years of his childhood when he and his younger brother would climb inside cardboard grocery cartons and pretend they were pirate ships.Back in New York City, he was in the off-broadway production My Life.During that production, Reeve auditioned and successfully screen tested for the 1978 movie Superman.In lieu of his final year at Cornell, Reeve was one of two students accepted to advanced standing (Robin Williams was the other) at New York's famous Juilliard School of Performing Arts. When it became financially difficult for his stepfather to continue to pay for Reeve's education, he took the role of Ben Harper in the long-running television dramatic serial Love of Life.While Reeve continued his acting lessons and performed in the soap opera, he found time to audition for and win a coveted role in A Matter of Gravity, a new play slated for Broadway starring Katharine Hepburn in 1976.

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