Liberal christian dating

How can I still have my own beliefs, and still make him happy?How do I not let his opinion affect my self-esteem, and make me feel like a bad person because my beliefs are not the same as his?They know what the Bible says; they know who they are; they know what they're doing in life; boom---they're solid. Conservative Christians don't wonder if they're in the mood; they stuff.The whole "backbone of America" thing is no joke; the strongest trees, after all, have the deepest roots. Conservative Christians also tend to be, in practice, extremely loving.My husband and I are both Christian and of the same denomination.However, he is more of a conservative and I'm more liberal.When things get rough, it's good to know a conservative.

Then it just becomes about rules; then it's too easy to make everything about who is and isn't on the right side of right. They understand that part of their as Christians is to actively try to access the mind and heart of God, and they're disinclined to let anything interfere with that goal. They live with the confidence that God will never fault them for loving too much.." this is where most if not all christians go wrong.we go astray w/ the notion of our beliefs differ from their beliefs. i mean, if Jesus is at the center of our being, our core, our beliefs then we shouldnt disagree(too strongly) over much of anything other than "i like sushi but he doesnt" or "what is an idol to you dear? if u r saying old testament thinking vs new testament thinking then i can see some of what u r saying but again, w/ some education/study u'd both see the common ground and no need for small diff's to overwhelm yer rel'shp. maybe i didnt get the gist of what u were trying to say as ur post was alittle short. yet in short, if u r both in christ then there should be harmony not animosity/resentment brewing/growing.Do you even belong to the same religious denomination? I certainly see where you are going to have self-esteem issues--he is putting you down for your beliefs."sounds like life to me"---Darryl Worley (country song USA) wow ironic u wrote this cuz its the same for me and my W, just reversed. i went along while the kids were young, cuz parenthood can make a conservative outta ya especially concerning child rearing.

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