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Serophobia is a manifestation of fear and aversion by certain people, towards people living with HIV.Like homophobia, it manifests itself through acts of exclusion or discrimination, whether implicit or explicit.Using this type of wording is judgemental, and implies that HIV positive people are dirty and unhealthy.It’s important to be aware of the negative connotations words can carry.

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We have fought for decades against homophobia, and never looked back.Let’s avoid the stereotyping and judgement that leads to HIV positive people being stigmatized and segregated.When it comes to sex, disclosing your HIV status isn’t easy.It’s a gesture that shows you’re open to talking about it.The important thing is to respect the person disclosing their HIV positive status, even if you don’t want to fool around with him. Fighting HIV also means fighting against the discrimination and stigmatization of HIV positive people.

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