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The Finns eliminated the yearly standardized testing because they truly trust their educators to be effective.With a highly qualified, passionate teacher in every classroom, they do not have to obsess over data from 20 different exams.Surprisingly, the word "trust" was something we heard repeated so many times that it became an inside joke among our group.The Finnish education system is founded on the concept of trust, with a national curriculum much broader than Common Core or our state standards.They do not wish to gather data points for every student's success on a certain skill, they told us, because they trust their educators to know their students.They trust that, as a professional, teachers can track students learning through knowing them and their skills on a very deep level.So I traveled all the way to Europe to learn how the Finns have shaken up the international education scene.

This, however, does not mean that American teachers should disregard any lessons we can learn from the Finns.

Folklore is a mandatory class every year, because the Finns want their students to have imaginative thinking and a sense of national cultural identity.

They have cooking class every year (for all students), because being able to cook and knowing about nutrition is essential to a happy, healthy adult life.

Finnish schools encourage unstructured playtime, inside and outside of the classroom.

For every hour of class, the students are told to go outside and engage in physical play.

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