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Since then I have had ample experience, and believe I have very much improved and sim- plified the spelling, which is strictly according to r English rules.

The German rule would not be r practical, because from eighteen to twenty per IV PREFACE.

The said activity was in line with the present administration's efforts in bringing the City Government closer to the barangay.

UBKAR1E5 R AU C H'S I ENNSYLVANIA Rr UTCH HAND-BOOK. lou fit "5 c\^ Vva f f «^1 io^"«^ R A U C H'S j TENNSYLVANIA weitsh HOND-BOOCH. I became dis- couraged, and for the time abandoned the work.

To read it, no study of orthography is at all necessary, because it is simply English. ) Abüut 'm yohr 1870, hob ich my iiiind iif gamaiicht for 'n booch shreiva im publi^ia, fun Pennsylvania Deitsh in Eng Hsh im Enghsh in Pennsylvania Deitsh, mit der obsicht for practi- cally im pruffitliche instructions gevva, abbor- dich for bi sness menner os in pletz woona fun Pennsylvania Deitsh sh wetzende leit, un aw for de feela daussenda fun Pennsylvania boova im maid os in de Englisha shoola gane un doch sheer nix shwetza derhame un in der nochber- shaft OS Pennsylvania Deitsh.

The ch is the only German sound, pronounced as gh in Dougherty or Gallagher. Ich hob sellamohls de arwet aw g'fonga, un hob a, pawr daiissend wardta g'sommelt im arranged alphabetically.

This circular delineates the responsibilities of the Heads of the Requesting Office / Unit, the Budget Office, Accounting Office as well as the Treasurer' s Office .

It also prescribes the revised forms to be used in recording obligations incurred and disbursements.

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