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This conversion’s bunker style is probably nearer what modeller’s had in mind when Bachmann announced they were doing a Heisler.This larger bunker style along with all the kit’s add-ons helps bulk-up Bachmann’s surprisingly tiny 14 Ton Heisler to something nearer 18-20 Tons. Superbly pro-moulded components to transform a Bachmann On30 Forney into a handsome and far more versatile 2-4-2T Sidetank loco.An updated and entirely different version of our existing VB 0-4-0 bodykit.Again desigjned to fit onto a donor mechanismfrom Bachmann’s On30 DAVENPORT GAS-MECHANICAL 0-4-0. Kit contains pro-moulded resin parts with some photo-etched brass and cast whitemetal details.This kit has many other applications other than our VB locos. Kit comprises Andy’s Motorised Scow with our Gasoline Crane mounted at the bow.How about coupling the Tender to one of the Bachmann Porters? Our pro-moulded resin Crane is supplied with cast whitemetal clamshell bucket parts provided courtesy of Crow River.

So basically this kit works just as well on the 2-6-6-2 as it does on the 2-4-4-2. Kit includes that incredible one-piece Wooten firebox with integrally moulded steam dome, left & right ashpan and grate parts, left & right firebox walkways, one piece fireman's canopy, one-piece cab with separate rear panel, cab's clerestory roof, chimney stack, new shorter pilot deck with provision for fitting a working Kadee coupler, separate pilot footboard, air pump, twin air tanks, whistle, safety valve, gauges etc.

Kit is designed to re-use the rear coupler from your Shay and a brass coupler bar is provided to couple loco and tender. Also provided are split rear bunker panels which can be fitted to your VB 0-4-0 to allow crew access between the loco and tender footplates.

All the neat details adorning the tender in the photos are included in the SHAY TENDER KIT. to compliment either of our resin VERTICAL BOILER 0-4-0 bodykits. This tender kit includes superbly pro-moulded resin parts and On30 wheelsets. Tender shell is a hollow moulding so there’s ample space for DCC/sound components – or batteries if you’re a member of the ‘Dead Rail Society’. Following a chat at the 2011 Narrow Gauge Convention in Hickory, North Carolina, we’ve co-produced this superbly detailed kit in conjunction with Andy Small of Train Troll in the US.

We figured if we were going to design something this small and detailed, we may as well use a top quality donor mechanism to ensure the model runs as good as it looks – and the KATO mech.

is a little beauty, as should be expected from this manufacturer.

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