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Ostrich eggs are gathered, and the empty shells are used as water containers.Insects provide perhaps 10% of animal proteins consumed, most often during the dry season.Despite the lifestyle changes, they have provided a wealth of information in anthropology and genetics.One broad study of African genetic diversity completed in 2009 found that the San were among the five populations with the highest measured levels of genetic diversity among the 121 distinct African populations sampled.The ancestors of the hunter-gatherer San people are considered to have been the first inhabitants of what is now Botswana and South Africa.

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Relatively few names circulate (approximately 35 names per sex), and each child is named after a grandparent or another relative.Women's traditional gathering gear is simple and effective: a hide sling, a blanket, a cloak called a kaross to carry foodstuffs, firewood, smaller bags, a digging stick, and perhaps, a smaller version of the kaross to carry a baby. They kill their game using arrows and spears tipped in diamphotoxin, a slow-acting arrow poison produced by beetle larvae of the genus Diamphidia.Historical evidence shows that certain San communities have always lived in the desert regions of the Kalahari; however, eventually nearly all other San communities in southern Africa were forced into this region.Traditionally, the San were an egalitarian society.Villages range in sturdiness from nightly rain shelters in the warm spring (when people move constantly in search of budding greens), to formalised rings, wherein people congregate in the dry season around permanent waterholes.

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