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Using these steps, you can have your personal blog post automatically to your Facebook news feed, so your friends and family can keep up with what you are doing.

You can even post your Twitter updates to your Facebook wall, and even make your Twitter status become your Facebook status.

To practice creating an RSS feed for a targeted search for recruiting studies about the condition Huntington Disease, follow these steps: To read the RSS feed updates, you need a reader, also called an aggregator.

Readers can be Web based (for example, Google Reader), part of your browser (for example, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox), part of your e-mail client (for example, Microsoft Outlook), or installed on your computer.

Web-based and e-mail client readers let you read RSS feeds from any computer.

Feed subscriptions in your browser or reader software installed on your computer will be available only on the computer used to subscribe to the feeds.

The link to the feed looks like this: If you accidentally delete it or don't see it, you can add it back by dragging a Blog Feed element to the sidebar.

RSS allows you to receive information and updates from a Web site.Setting up an RSS feed on Facebook can also do wonders for writers who want to promote their writing on the web.The first step to setting up an RSS feed on Facebook is to click on Applications on the left-side menu.The process for subscribing to a feed varies, depending on the feed reader software.The feed reader's instructions should explain how to modify the RSS feed name or delete the feed.

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