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In cities like Beijing and Shanghai, some young people follow Westernized dating customs.

Almost everywhere else in China, however, traditional attitudes to dating prevail. In traditional Chinese culture, boys and girls are introduced to each other in a group social setting.

Issues that often emerge include: You're bound to get into trouble if you assume that for all Chinese, dating is the same.

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They're tired of being treated like "China dolls," or the stereotype that they're "exotic," and of the fact that some men seem more interested in their looks than their minds.Increasingly, dating web sites offer chances for Chinese dating.There are three main types of Chinese dating sites: Many American men are especially attracted to Asian women.People who live in ethnically diverse cities will have many chances to meet and talk with people who are Chinese or Chinese-American.If you live in a community where there aren't many Asian residents, the Internet can help.

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