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The very fact that you think about everything in terms of "self-promotion value" is the reason you will always miss the opportunity to do cool, funny, interesting stuff on the net. The next most likely country is France at 15%.*Of the spins showing a single person, 89% were male and 11% were female.*You are more likely to encounter a webcam featuring no person at all than one featuring a solo female.*8% of spins showed multiple people behind the camera. That number is 1 in 12 for males.*1 in 8 spins yield something R-rated (or worse)*You are twice as likely to encounter a sign requesting female nudity than you are to encounter actual female nudity I have to disagree with the naysayers on this one.

But Merton opened his mind and asked a better question: “How can I use the random nature of this site (and the buzz it’s creating) in a new and amusing way?

This is not the first musician to make use of Chat Roulette..

I have had this idea down on paper for over a year or varying forms of strategies utilizing a couple of chat/interactive services. Then you ask yourself, so why have i not shared this on here?

The more disinformation my competition takes seriously, the easier my job will become.

But I, along with a lot of online marketing people, thought it was a flash-in-the-pan novelty site with no possible self-promotion value. Chatroulette Is 89 Percent Male, 47 Percent American, And 13 Percent Perverts: Here are a few highlights from our findings:*About half of all Chatroulette spins connects you with someone from the USA.

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