Android contact photos not updating from facebook

Unlike the other options on this list, which work by connecting their own account to your phone contact or Google contact, Sync.

ME actually replaces or adds a photo to the contact without connecting it to anything. ME, your contacts will still have their last synced photos.

It also means that if all your contacts are saved as Google Contacts and backed up (since you should be backing up everything Sync. Uber Sync, though not the prettiest app, is simple and minimal.

ME has birthday syncing as well, but its standout feature is the “In-Call Experience”, which allows you to scan through a person’s Facebook timeline while you’re on a call with them. You choose two options upon startup: when to sync high-res photos, and if you want to sync all your Facebook friends or just your existing contacts.

You're staring at the ridiculously funny photo you've just taken with your phone at a party.

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This gives the apps access to update your contacts with information from the social media profiles, including photos.There are no levels of matching as there are with Hax Sync, and no manual matching, which means that your only option for manual syncing is to input a user’s Facebook ID into the notes section of their contact. That would take so much time for the average user: tracking down people’s IDs and entering them into the contacts.Uber Sync is definitely for those who want to set it up and leave it alone — no manual tinkering.It’s ad-supported, but the ads can be disabled without paying anything.It has some useful options like choosing the frequency of syncing, if it can only sync on Wi Fi, and the size of synced pictures — but it’s noticeably lacking several others like birthday and event reminders.

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